AdTags.io provides HTML previewing tools, and it's core service is provided free of charge. The core service doesn't include HTML parsing, saving preview pages, analysing resources, etc.

AdTags.io reserves the right to delete any generated preview links, and data associated with those pages without prior notice. There are primarily two reasons for why data is deleted:

  1. Due to spam - all data saved to AdTags.io is periodically checked, and if deemed to be spam it is immediately deleted
  2. The basic AdTags.io features are provided for free, so in order to keep costs down, preview links uploaded by non-signed in users that are older than 7 days may be deleted

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AdTags.io is a preview tool provided without any warranties. Our best effort is made to process ad tags, and keep the service up to date, however the service is not liable for down time, out dated links, or any other unintended outcome. The service is also not liable for any losses incurred by users.


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